Benefits of Using a Dumb Waiter in your Restaurant

A Dumb Waiter is a small freight elevator whose sole purpose is to ferry objects rather than carry people. They are becoming an increasingly important utility in commercial building especially those that have to connect different floors of the same building that host people doing interrelated tasks. This makes them a perfect fit for restaurants since they can connect the kitchen and different dining rooms in multiple floors of the same building or the kitchen to the basement for supplies. If you do not have a Dumb Waiter in your restaurant, the following four benefits of having one installed will maybe bulge you into purchasing one.

Cut down on the staff you need to run your restaurant
In most restaurants, kitchen porters are needed to connect multiple floors of the same establishment. For instance, you might need a porter to carry vegetables from the basement store to the kitchen and another to ferry the food to the individual rooms for the case of room service. With a Dumb Waiter, this would be a thing of the past since all you will need is somebody to load and another to offload the lift once it gets to its destination.

Dumbwaiters and Food Lifts

Improve operational efficiency
Installing this lift gives you a chance to reap from the benefits of automation. The lift will never get tired or stop to catch up with a colleague. This means that stuff will be delivered on time and things will run swiftly and smoothly. In addition to this, they reduce traffic jams since waiters do not have to hurry up and down stair cases and lifts. The fact that a waiter will not have to cover long distances will also keep him/her fresh, hence useful for longer working hours.

Reduce on the number of accidents
Waiters running up and down your restaurant staircases and lifts pose a safety threat. What if someone trips and spills that exotic meal that took hours to get ready? This is just but one example of the many things that can go wrong. By introducing a dumbwaiter into your restaurant, you cut down on the accident risks hence the number of apologies you have to make to clients and the insurance claims you have to handle per unit time.

Reduce employee congestion and create more space for customers
One notion that the customer always has upon entering a congested restaurant is that there privacy is compromised. This therefore calls for the need to eliminate all the unnecessary traffic from the ground and remain with only what is totally irreplaceable. A good way of replacing extra waiters who do nothing but delivery duties is by using a machine to take over the job- the dumbwaiter.

Restaurants are businesses that directly deal with different people who have gone through a variety of torturous escapades in the day. To ensure that you maintain your customers, you have to give the best service ever without compromising you operational costs. Using a Dumb Waiter is one of the solutions that will only shorten your payroll but also increase efficiency around the place.